How To Eat to Live, Book Two

Chapter 1


Eat to live to bring about a return to perfection and long life; like Noah and Methuselah, who lived nearly 1000 years of our calendar year (containing 365 1/4 days).

LONG LIFE IS NOT enjoyed by eating food which will shorten and destroy life. Under this white race of people, we were not taught how to eat to live. They, the white devils, are not here to teach us, the Lost and Found members of the Aboriginal Nation, to live a long life. They were put here to cut short our lives, and for the last 6000 years they have done so.

Eating as beasts eat (Holy Ouran) all during the day and night will kill us at an early age. Very few of the white race have regularity about their eating habits. Our stomachs are worn out in a few years, due to the continuation of trying to digest the food that we eat, some being of the type of foods which we should not dare put into our stomachs.

Poison drinks along with a mixture of good and poison foods have shortened our lives, on the average of about 63 1/2 years at the present time. This is a long way from the 600-800-900 years of life of our fathers.

WE ARE A LONG WAY off from the life of the people on Mars, Who, Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever, taught me, lived an average life of the equivalent of 1200 years of our Earth calendar. This in fact has been the Original Nation’s calendar year since God created the Heavens and the Earth, so teaches the Holy Quran.

If you want a beautiful appearance, eat the proper food and eat one meal a day, then eat one meal every other day. Your children may be able to eat two meals per week. This will put them into centuries as Noah and Methuselah.


How To Keep Food From Hurting Us

How to Eat to Live, Book 2

Chapter 2


I thank Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, for bringing to us life and light so that we may be able to enjoy life, and to enjoy that life longer than we have previously enjoyed it. Many years could be added to our lives if we only knew how to protect our lives from their enemies. As He (meaning Master Fard Muhammad) said to me, food keeps us here; it is essential that we eat food which gives and maintains life. That same food destroys life. Therefore, to keep this food from destroying our lives, we must protect our lives as well as we possibly can from the destruction of food. If we eat the proper food, and eat at the proper time, the food will keep us living a long, long time.

Eating three and four times a day is to your stomach as dripping water is to a stone or iron. The dripping water will eventually wear the stone and iron away. But, just to look at the water, it does not appear powerful enough in its dripping to wear the stone and iron away. It is the same with food; we continuously put it into our stomachs to be digested and eventually it will destroy the stomach. If we let our stomachs rest a while and gain strength, they will last longer in doing a job of digesting food for us.

EAT ONE MEAL a day and eat the food that will not harm you so quickly. You do not have to go into a long detailed knowledge of what foods you have to eat, because the wrong food has already been pointed out to you, foods such as pig, nuts, white flour, meats (of course, we eat some meats), the wrong kind of peas, the wrong kinds of breads, half-cooked breads, too many starchy foods, and too much sweets.

All of these foods destroy us. Bread should be cooked thoroughly and slowly, and if you have plenty of time, cook the bread two or three times and then eat it. Meat should also be cooked two or three times. Eating great meals of highly seasoned and sugared pastries is definitely not good for us. They most surely will take years of our lives away. You may eat some sweets, but do not make an entire meal of sweets and eat them everyday. Fruit is good for us, we should eat plenty fruits.

To live a long time, eat once every 24 hours or once every 48 hours, if you are able to do so. But, if you have heavy, manual work to do, do not try to eat once every two or three days. And, if you eat once a day, you should fast every month for two or three days. By doing that, there will be no poison left in the body at the end of a year to make you sick even one hour.

I WOULD LIKE for you, who try to live and eat just as this book teaches you, to please send me a letter telling me of the results that you have gained from eating like this article teaches you. I repeatedly teach that the way Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, has Taught us to eat will do away with many doctor bills and do away with much maiming of the limbs caused by certain diseases.

Sugar diabetes can be controlled and cured if you only eat right. Stay off of sugar and starchy foods and leave those old, white potatoes alone. Do not eat spaghetti and macaroni at every meal. If you are overweight, do not eat it at any meal, and if you want to live a long time, do not eat it at any meal. Food such as spaghetti and macaroni is processed, not cooked thoroughly, and is hard to digest.

THERE ARE SOME people who claim that they do not receive beneficial results as they should. This is due to wrong mental food that they are eating, which has an effect on their digestive system. To get good results from eating the proper foods, we must have good thoughts.


How to Eat to Live, Book 2

Chapter 3


In order to lengthen our lives, we must begin with what we put in us that retains life. Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, comes to prolong the lives of the believers.

THERE IS NOT a shadow of a doubt that He (Allah) has taken the proper steps to give us more life in order to have and enjoy the pleasures of life.  He (Allah) said what we eat keeps us here, and the same will take us away. Suppose we ate one-half pound of food a day. At the end of 365 days, we would have eaten 182 1/2 pounds of food per year.

BUT WE EAT more than this amount. For instance, if we live 50 years, we would eat 50 times this much food, at a half pound of food a day.   If we saw 9,000 pounds of raw food piled up before us to consume, we would think that this would be a lot of food to go through our bodies. And we would think that it probably would wear us out to eat that much food in our life time, although we eat tons of food in our life time.

AND IF THIS food is not the proper food to eat, it will wear away our body and cut short three score and 10 years of our lives.  On the average, our people are living around 62 years. This is a very short life to live on an earth that has been here trillions of years. And yet, the average of us cannot live 100 years under the present system of civilization of wickedness. Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, comes to prolong our lives, not to shorten them, by correcting our eating habits to one meal a day instead of three, and by teaching us to eat the proper foods that will not destroy us or shorten our lives to less than 100 years. His (Allah’s) teaching us to eat better food and to cut our eating from three and four times a day to once a day will certainly prolong our lives and increase our beautiful appearance.

A PERSON WHO eats like an animal, three or four times a day and all between meals, cannot retain a beautiful appearance. Eating three times a day and all between meals removes the body’s attractiveness In many ways. We eat meat, but yet meat is not good for us. It becomes a habitual tool. This type of food poisons the blood and goes into the flesh and cannot help but transform and destroy the surface of the flesh.

TAKE, FOR example, a new born baby. Many times its beauty lasts for just a short while and then passes away with its growth. Even in our late twenties and early thirties, because of the life that we live and the frequent eating of poison food, our beautiful appearance begins to pass from us so rapidly, until by our forties and fifties it is nearly completely gone.

Let us eat one meal a day and try getting the best food that we can to eat; vegetables, fruits, pure fresh milk, and pure whole wheat bread, that has been cooked slowly, twice. Doing this will help us live longer and retain our beautiful appearance much longer.

DO NOT GET into the habit (or if you are already in the habit, stop it) of eating a lot of greasy food. Regardless of whether the grease is from animal flesh or not, our bodies, by nature, are not made to digest and control grease or lots of fat.  Thousands of minor ailments disappear from us by eating the proper food and at the proper time, one meal a day. He (Allah) teaches us never to eat unless we are hungry. Eating when we are not hungry causes these minor ailments. We are forcing the body to digest food before it is calling for this food.

TAKE THE hog and the dog – they do not live very long, because they eat daily and nightly.

The present civilization is an enemy to righteousness. Since they were put over us to rule us they had to find a different way of ruling us other that the good old way of our fathers, who lived several hundreds of years, some nearly a thousand years.

IF WE MET a man today who said he had been on the planet 500 years, we would think that he was lying because our short lives of less than 100 years, lead us to believe that it is false to think that people can live several hundred years.

It is all in the food and drink that we put into our bodies that lengthens or shortens our lives. Stay away from poison food and drinks, and eat to live.


How to Eat to Live, Book 2

Chapter 4


What fool is there who does not want to live? Do not even ask a wise person; consult a fool.  Even a fool wants to live as long as he can. Well, eat right, one meal a day, and be careful what you eat.  The wicked are practicing their wicked way of poisoning the righteous in their preparation for food and drink so be careful what you eat to live.

The Christian race has shortened the lives of nations which follow its way of civilization.  The so-called American Negroes, the lost and found members of the nation (the Black nation) the first and the last, have been used for experimental purposes.  They have suffered every evil thing or idea that entered the heart of the slave master and his children.  This is going on today, as never before in a wise and scientific way.

Before the white man was made, the Black man was known to live approximately a thousand years.  He ate the right food and ate it at the right time.  Our stomachs are what we make them.  If they call for food every two or three hours, we make a habit of feeding them every two or three hours.  If we don’t make a habit of feeding our stomachs every two or three hours, they will not call for it.  We are the God of our own appetite and what we eat.

Remember the prophecy of Jesus, he came to give us life and more life abundantly. He cannot give us more life if we will not protect our life against its enemies.  DO NOT try to eat so many different things.  One or two good things are all right, even just milk and bread, but it has been tampered with.  It is hard to get a pure glass of milk.  It is hard to get a pure piece of whole wheat bread. They tamper with everything, without any just cause.  So, do the best you can and eat one meal a day. You will live longer.  Eat one meal once every twenty four (24) hours and eat the right food.  Get away from eating a lot of greasy foods and eat more vegetables and fruits.  Do not eat freshly baked bread or freshly baked cakes.


Do Not Eat Forbidden Food

How to Eat to Live, Book Two

Chapter 5


The importance of enjoying good health is obeying the teachings of God (Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever), and that is eating one meal once every 24 hours (one meal a day).

IT IS NOT SO much eating various kinds of food as it is not eating food of any kind too often.  Of course, we know the divinely prohibited flesh of the swine is totally forbidden not only to eat, but we are even forbidden to touch or handle the swine.  It is punishable under the law of God to eat the swine.

Many of the readers may think that it is all right with God for them to do as they please about His Laws, but we are punished for willfully disobeying the Laws of God, regardless how little the offense may be or how great it may be.  The Christians have been eating the swine for four thousand years. Now, their punishment is total destruction by fire.

THE WHITE RACE was not made to obey the divine law. They were made to oppose it, therefore following after them and doing what they do is getting you the hell. It is no excuse for you. The average so called Negro thinks it is all right for him to do evil too. But, we are two different people. The so-called American Negro is a divine member lost from the divine circle, while the slave master who has been his teacher, is an enemy to God, by nature. This is why the Bible teaches you that hell was created for them the day they were made.

Meat will not prolong our lives, it will cut life short. The white race lives on this type of food, meat, animal flesh. The carnivorous beasts and birds who live off of flesh and eat others, have short lives.

VEGETABLES, MILK AND BUTTER are the right foods to eat, when they are pure. But my Dear Brothers and Sisters do not think that you are getting pure products now from the dairy. Substitutions are added to butter, and much water is added to the milk. So, do not practice the evil things that the white race is doing, as you are following them now. If they pull off their clothes, you will pull off yours. Do not think you have an option of doing divine law, while you do not. A doom is set for the whole race of them and you will share their doom with them, if you follow eating and drinking intoxicating drinks just because you see them doing such things and going nude in the public (women with dresses above their knees and men wearing just trunks in public).

YOU ARE FOLLOWING one of the filthiest things that even an animal wouldn’t follow, by doing such things. White people do this to tempt you to do the same, so that you can share hell fire with them.

Eat one meal a day and eat good food.

Proper Foods, Spiritually And Physically

How to Eat to Live, Book 2

Chapter 6

Proper Foods, Spiritually and Physically

Eat to live and not to die. The Bible teaches us that God, in the end of the world when He comes, will prolong the people’s lives because they have been eating the proper foods, both spiritually and physically. We have to accept it – that is, if we love life and not death.

LIVING LESS than 100 years is a very short life. People in this world admire one who lives to see 90 years (which is a very short life). because of the way they live, eat and drink the wrong foods and drinks. They are surprised to see a person live over 70 years.

Now they want drugs to give you life.  Drugs cannot prolong our lives if we are going to eat and drink the wrong food and drink and drink polluted water. The very water we drink is polluted from filth. We make the water filthy with our own refuse and then turn around calling ourselves cleaning the water to make it fit to drink

THIS IS NOT because the government is too poor to try and see that its citizens have pure water to drink. It is not because the government is too poor that we have to eat the poor and poison foods. They deliberately cause this drink and food to be impure. Just read what they say about the impure water that we drink out of Lake Michigan and other rivers. The government permits the deliberate making of alcoholic drinks which it knows are not good for a person who has no limitation on how much of it he drinks. And it deliberately turns out millions and millions of dollars worth of hogs to put on the market, knowing that the hog is poison and was not made for human consumption. They do that to oppose the right foods – the pure foods – that God has given them in abundance.

ANYTIME WE break the law of nature, we are doing harm to ourselves.

The government condemns smoking, but still permits tobacco to be sold to the public. All of this is due to commercializing on that which produces a short life.

Part of the population of the country is being addicted to drugs for the purpose of experimenting with drugs, instead of lengthening the life by what we eat and drink.

If we know the best food and the best drink, we should try to get them for ourselves and not charge the government with our own foolish acts, just because the government will not stop the sale of such detrimental food and drink.

THE GOVERNMENT could not sell one drop of whiskey unless we buy it. The foolish buyer is the one to be charged.

We have fire, but if we do not use it rightly, it is because of our own foolishness. If you know better, then do better for self.


Abundancy Of Life

How to Eat to Live, Book 2

Chapter 7

Abundancy of Life

There are a lot of readers of this book who have many different thoughts and conceptions of this book. THE MAIN ROOT of this book is to stop you from eating two or three times a day which will prolong your life. It takes several hours for the proteins and the vitamins in the meal we eat today to be digested and distributed throughout our bodies.Allah, through the mouths of the Prophets prophesied that when He Comes, He would give us more life – an abundancy of life.

The Book does not teach you how He will extend our lives; how He will make our lives worth living; and how we will rejoice in our lives.

Now, He (Allah) Has Come and He is teaching me to teach you how to live. How to live is to go after that which is essential for us to put in our body as foods which gives life and maintain life in the body.

He (Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever), Has taught me how to teach you the best way to extend our lives and that is through the right kind of foods and drinks.

This does not mean we have to eat every herb of the earth; every cattle of the earth, every bird that flies, every domestic fowl, or every piece of fruit that a fruit tree or vine is bearing (as some people think like that). Just a simple food will keep you and me living a long time, if that simple food is good and we eat it only once a day (once every 24 hours).

SOME WEAK people think that they cannot eat once every 24 hours, but our stomach looks to our brain for guidance and looks to our brain to be the “boss” of what it should take in. The stomach does not think for itself. The brain thinks for the stomach.

Allah has given to us and has taught that way of life that is good for us. We can accept it or we can reject it. There are some people who claim that they like the way but they will go ahead and eat that which is not good for them to eat. Then, they get in trouble and they write me and say that they eat once a day but they are sick: they cannot take it. But, do I not know that they are not eating rightly as I teach them that God taught me and that they are not going through 24 hours, eating only one meal? Do they not know that I know they are not carrying out the instructions as they should. If you get sick, go and fast for three days. This helps kill the poison in your stomach that came from what you ate. Once every year, we have accumulated enough poison from eating one meal a day to make us sick one day. I SAY AGAIN, our stomach is not the boss. The brain is the boss. Eat one meal a day and eat good food and do not eat Divinely prohibited food. This is the Word of Allah and His Teachings to prolong our lives.